Fast Facts

Archdiocese of San Antonio 2021 statistics


Archbishops 1
Auxiliary Bishops2
Priests: Diocesan Active in Diocese103
Priests: Diocesan Active Outside Diocese5
Priests: Sick, Retired or Absent74
Number of Diocesan Priests 182
Religious Priests in Diocese182
Total Priests in Diocese364
Extern Priests in Diocese47


Diocesan Priests3
Transitional Deacons2
Permanent Deacons13
Permanent Deacons in Diocese339
Total Brothers78
Total Sisters550


Parishes 134

With Resident Pastor:

Resident Diocesan Priests 86
Resident Religious Priests32

Without Resident Pastor:

Administered by Priests 13
Administered by Deacons 1
Missions 36

Professional Ministry Personnel:

Brothers 11
Sisters 188


Catholic Hospitals5
Total Assisted420,303
Health Care Centers10
Homes for the Aged10
Total Assisted621
Residential Care of Children1
Total Assisted439
Day Care Centers13
Total Assisted970
Specialized Homes2
Total Assisted202
Special Centers for Social Services7
Total Assisted 314,590
Residential Care of Disabled1
Total Assisted323
Other Institutions1
Total Assisted530


Seminaries, Diocesan1
Students from This Diocese18
Students from Other Diocese54
Seminaries, Religious7
Students Religious36
Total Seminarians54
Colleges and Universities5
Total Students14, 104
High Schools, Diocesan and Parish3
Total Students980
High Schools, Private6
Total Students1,634
Elementary Schools, Diocesan and Parish26
Total Students4,882
Elementary Schools, Private5
Total Students659

Catechesis/Religious Education:

High School Students4,108
Elementary Students11,660
Total Students Under Catholic Instruction37,991

Teachers in the Diocese:

Priests 11
Brothers 1
Sisters 14
Lay Teachers 876

Vital Statistics

Receptions into the Church:

Infant Baptism Totals4,303
Minor Baptism Totals678
Adult Baptism Totals438
Received into Full Communion607
First Communions5,606
Confirmations 4,753


Catholic 1,218
Interfaith 180
Total Marriages1,398
Deaths 4,233
Total Catholic Population812,035
Total Population2,772,852