California cathedral vandalized with paint; police investigating as possible hate crime

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Archdiocese of San Antonio


The Cathedral of the Annunciation in Stockton, California, was vandalized on the morning of November 5 with white paint splattered across the church’s signs and front doors, with law enforcement currently investigating if the vandalism constituted a hate crime against the church.

Stockton police described the vandalism as “white paint randomly applied to the front door area, a walkway, and landscaping area as well as a flatbed trailer parked.”

The vandalism is believed to have occurred around 5:45 a.m., according to police. Law enforcement will be investigating if the vandalism was a hate crime. 

There have been no arrests in the case and a suspect has not yet been identified, a police spokesman told CNA. 

Diocese of Stockton Bishop Myron Cotta said in a statement that he was “deeply saddened” to learn about the attack on the church.

“I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated parish staff and parishioners for their swift assistance in managing the situation,” Cotta said in the statement. 

He also gave a “special thanks” to the Stockton Police Department for its “prompt response” arriving at the scene.

The city of Stockton is located south of Sacramento and just east of San Francisco.

The cathedral on Sunday posted photos of the vandalism to Facebook.

The cathedral on its Facebook page said it is “alive with the Holy Spirit.”

“Thanks to our amazing parishioners [who] volunteered their pressure-washing equipment and talent, and our maintenance person who will finish off the details on the doors,” the post said.

“Thank you to the community for your prayers. God is good!” the church wrote.