El Camino de San Antonio Missions encourages and supports those who desire to journey to the San Antonio Missions to touch and be touched by the sacred. By providing resources to support pilgrims of diverse ages and backgrounds, we encourage a sacred encounter that will renew their communities and parishes. People of all faiths, or no faith will be supported in their journey. By engaging a diverse and inclusive community of pilgrims, our culture, relationships and world will be transformed.

What is El Camino de San Antonio Missions?

In its five historic missions, San Antonio possesses a treasure recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site. They are not merely relics of a distant past but a sacred space founded by Franciscan friars and consecrated by the sacraments celebrated and miracles observed by generations of parishioners.

El Camino de San Antonio Missions serves as the point of contact for those desiring a deeper connection to the sacred space of the San Antonio Missions. It promotes and supports pilgrimages to the San Antonio Missions with resources for diverse groups and ages. El Camino also provides training for docents within the mission churches and guides to assist pilgrims on their journey.

If you or your group are interested in going on a pilgrimage or you want to volunteer to become a docent within one of the mission churches email El Camino de San Antonio Missions.

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