CTSA Endowment Fund

The Catholic Church of San Antonio is truly blessed with its own television station. CTSA, in addition to the televised daily Mass, offers coverage of the events of Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller, MSpS, news from the Vatican, and great local programming. Without question, this great resource deserves support. Not just in terms of current needed gifts but, as importantly, gifts that will impact the station today and perpetually. CTSA has an endowment fund at the Catholic Community Foundation. This endowment provides significant funds each year to CTSA and will on an ongoing basis. But, the amounts provided each year depend on the size of the endowment. That’s why gifts to the endowment are so important. A gift given today will increase the endowment size and, thus, the size of the amount received by CTSA each year going forward. Please consider a donation.

CTSA Partners