The Mission of the SA Archdiocese CYO athletic Program is to empower athletic leaders to animate Gospel values in catholic youth Sports, encouraging young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.
In a world that focuses on a win-at-all cost attitude, where professional athletes have moved from role model to entertainer, and when kids are just not having fun anymore, catholic youth sports should be offering more:

  • A safe, healthy place to play, physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually;
  • A Place where lessons are learned in winning and lessons are learned In losing.
  • A place where all are welcomed and respected for who they are, for what they can or cannot do;
  • A place where Catholic Gospel values, character and faith matter;
  • A place where GOD is present.

CYO Pre-Game Prayer (Both teams are to recite prayer before each game)
Father in Heaven, we ask your blessing on the game we are about to play.
Give each one of us the courage to play this game in a manner 
which by our words and our actions is pleasing to you.
Let us enter into this competition in a spirit of sportsmanship,
and with a respect for the members of the opposing team.
We ask You, Father to bless each one of us,
especially the coaches, officials, parents and players.
Keep us under the protection of your son, Jesus Christ,
and help us be aware of his presence with us in this game.

CYO Post-Game Prayer (Both teams are to recite prayer after each game)
Thank You Lord for this game, we hope we played 
and will always play in a manner that is pleasing to you.

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