What is a Deacon?


The vision of the Diaconate Office is to help with a process of discernment — by forming men academically, spiritually and emotionally as to whether the Lord is calling them to serve in the Church community of the archdiocese in this particular ministry that calls one to serve under the guidance of the pastor of a particular parish.

The formational process helps to access the particular gifts and talents they will bring to this ministry. In addition, we empower these candidates to become more familiar with the rich diversity of cultures within our Archdiocesan community. Through a study of Theology & Philosophy of documents on social justice. We will be able to reach this objective, along with the other components of formation in the Diaconate Program and Catholic in front of College.

The role of a candidate, spouse and family, is an important factor in our program. Through the support of the spouse, and their attendance at classes and the annual retreats, the candidate is strengthened in his call to serve the Church. Working together, a balance is maintained between their family life and the obligations of academic and spiritual formation.

If you are discerning in prayer to a possible vocation to the diaconal ministry, your first step is to discuss this with your spouse, children and family, as well as your pastor. Then you should choose a spiritual director who will help you discern if this is the avenue of service you should pursue. If they concur with your call, they will become an essential factor in the overall journey. Your next step is to request an application for admission to candidacy and forward it to our office. Your application will be reviewed by the Diaconate Advisory Board and final recommendations made to the office.

Deacon Michael Pawelek
Director of the Diaconate Program

What is a deacon

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