St. Joseph’s Society and Hope for the Future Award $22,000 in Tuition Assistance

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Esteban Chávez

For the second year in the row, St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Benevolent Association (St. Joseph’s Society) has partnered with Esperanza para el futuro to provide scholarships to outstanding students. A total of $22,000 in scholarships was recently awarded to 22 incoming Catholic high school freshmen who will be attending Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of San Antonio.

“I feel very honored to receive [the scholarship] because it makes me realize that I’m doing a very good job and the hard work is paying off,” said St. Joseph’s Society scholarship recipient, Juliana O’Melia.

During the recent scholarship awards banquet, with jazzy sounds filling the St. Joseph’s Hall (420 E Durango Blvd.) by Henry Brun and the Soul Tren International Trio, the St. Joseph’s Society Scholarship Committee members remarked how difficult it was selecting students from a total of 82 applicants. Students were selected not only for academic merit, but the students’ and parents’ involvement in the Church, school and the community. These non-renewing scholarships were an award to the family as much as they were to the individual student.

Ignacia Farias, a parent of a scholarship recipient who will be attending Central Catholic said the scholarship meant more than money to his family, “Aside from the monetary value, [the scholarship] recognizes the hard work and benefit of Catholic education.”

Keynote speaker at the scholarship banquet, Julie Seguin, director of Hope for the Future, expressed to students and parents to relish in the opportunity of Catholic high school. She encouraged students to continue participating in sports, clubs, Church and school events. Seguin told parents to be involved as well, “having gone through the experience myself with two daughters, time does fly, so cherish it.”

Antonian College Preparatory High School freshman reflected on the importance of the scholarship, “It means a lot because I know my mom works hard for my Catholic education. To me, its help for my mom, she does a lot for me, and I really appreciate getting this scholarship.”

St. Joseph’s Society supports Catholic charities and education, making scholarships available every year to incoming Freshman. The Society has over 120 members who volunteer to help raise funds predominately through participation in the King William Fair and from rental of their banquet hall.

Special thanks is due to the St. Joseph’s Society members, their Board of Directors and especially the Scholarship Committee, led by Chairman Larry Wedige.

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