St. Thomas More Industry Challenge

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Robert Duran

This school year Escuela Católica Santo Tomás Moro (STM) embarked on an exciting concept, The Industry Challenge! The Industry Challenge bridges academics with industry by providing the opportunity for students to develop and apply skills in thinking critically, creating solutions, and demonstrating leadership… Think… Create… Demonstrate…

The Industry Challenge was developed and facilitated by STM Class of ’93 Alumni, Mr. Robert Duran. Mr. Duran incorporates a variety of themes and learning philosophies to foster self-discovery, collaborative conversations, and activities amongst the middle school students. Each industry theme was selected and crafted to broaden the abilities and world view of each student. In the 2015-16 school year the 8th Grade engaged in topic discussions and practical applications in Financial Literacy, the 7th grade discussed our community’s relationship with Energy, and the 6th grade explored the Arts in the world and in our community.

8th Grade – Financial Literacy

The 8th grade engaged in topic discussions in Financial Literacy and practical applications for eight, one-hour sessions. They were familiarized with concepts in money vs. value, income vs. expenses, budgeting, prioritizing, and debt vs. investments. They even had an opportunity to develop a budget for a vacation.

7th Grade – Energy Relationship

The 7th grade discussed our community’s relationship with Energy for four, one-hour sessions. They were familiarized with types of energy, forms of energy, things that use energy, prioritizing energy usage, energy generation, regional energy usage, and cost comparison.

6th Grade – Arts Exploration

The 6th grade explored the Arts for four, one-hour sessions. They explored art vs. fine art, art forms, art forms of interest, places that are known for different art forms, art schools that are famous for particular art form training, art schools in San Antonio, opportunities to participate and appreciate art in San Antonio, art demos and discussions.

8th Grade – Career and Alumni

The 8th grade met for two additional one-hour sessions to discuss Career Interests and becoming Alumni of STM. They discussed the purpose of high school, purpose of selecting high school electives, careers of interest, and qualifications for the career of interest, entry level pay for the career of interest and what would be the highest of level pay to obtain. They also focused on what was alumni, how to maintain a relationship with the alumni and were challenged to give solutions to maintain alumni connections.

The St. Thomas More Industry Challenge will continue in the 2016-17 school year. Mr. Duran will continue providing themes and facilitating exploratory conversations with the students leading into presentations on specific topics. The upcoming school year will increase the emphasis on demonstrating leadership. St. Thomas More Industry Challenge… Think… Create…. Demonstrate!