Archbishop homily at ​Mass of Healing in Uvalde July 17

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Archbishop homily at Mass of Healing in Uvalde July 17

Sacred Heart Church

Saint Paul says to the Colossians that – through his own suffering – he joins Christ in his afflictions for the sake of his people. The Lord had died on the Cross and Paul was eventually beheaded. It is certainly a great mystery that our almighty God – who is infinitely good – allows the misfortune of the innocent at the hands of the wicked or the negligent. But in Jesus he reveals to us that, although the Father allows even his only Son to suffer the consequences of our sins, he does so with one purpose: to save us from ourselves. The Lord has no need to take sides. He is the reference for what good is. And not a single drop of our Lord’s blood is spilled in vain! He is the Prince of Peace. It is up to us to join him in his purpose.

You are rightfully devastated and angry at the tragic disaster of May 24. The Church joins you in your suffering as you join Christ, together with Saint Paul. Despite intense feelings of grief and indignation, God does not abandon you. He never has! As a matter of fact, God himself became man to experience our afflictions, so that through them we might join Him in his mission and glory. Above all, we proclaim our hope in the eternal glory, which we tirelessly implore for our beloved innocent-ones lost that infamous day.

We need one another! The Father and the Son send us the Holy Spirit to help us on our way. The three men who suddenly appear before Abraham in the first reading, are a mysterious presence. They are like one. From the first moment, Abraham recognizes in them the presence of God.God passes by our side and wants us to host him. In different ways he gives us signs of his mysterious presence. “There is need of only one thing.” (Lc). We must be able to recognize God in our midst. It is necessary to always be prepared with the right attitude.Let us ask the Holy Spirit to make us aware of God’s presence, even at this time; especially at this time! God leaves abundant blessings of life when we receive him as he passes by.

Everyone shares in a particular way in the Lord’s mission. Each one of us is given inspiration to carry out God’s work in a specific way. We are all one body, “which is the Church.” (Col). As we take part in this Mass, we have entered into God’s presence acknowledging our unworthiness with the penitential act. We have listened to God’s word addressed to each one and to all as one. We will profess that we believe in him and make our petitions. Then we will offer our gifts and even ourselves, so that we may become more truly members of the Body of Christ. Finally, we will be sent off to witness to the nourishment we have received.

Abraham received an unexpected and enormous blessing, after he had given food and hospitality to his mysterious visitors. Let us offer what we have, including our tears of sadness and anger. In his infinite wisdom, God knows how to make even the apparent nonsense of the Cross meaningful. In God’s hands nothing goes to waste. We are anxious and worried about many things, but let us keep our eyes and our ears fixed on the Lord and his word. He will open new paths for us and guide us.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, comfort us with your tender embrace and guide us to your Son.