​Archdiocese 101 experience a gift

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Archdiocese 101 experience a gift

By Jose Edgar Hernandez Suarez

Since I was 14, I decided to be closer to the Church. I began to discern God´s call to the priesthood. It has been an extraordinary experience full of blessings that motivate me every day and challenges that have made me grow and value my vocation. Perhaps I did not have the opportunity to live like any other young man, but I do not regret having chosen this great adventure.

I started my formation in the Diocese of Queretaro, Mexico, and it was always in my plans to continue there. Three years ago, I decided to leave the seminary and have a different experience. I wanted to have a job and be able to spend more time with my family. After a couple of years, I was ready to go back to seminary; however, God already had other plans for me.

One day my parents told me about the possibility of moving to the United States I thought that the best thing for me would be to continue studying in Queretaro, but it would not be easy to stay alone for the rest of my formation. Suddenly, a seminarian who is studying at Assumption invited me to visit San Antonio and to have contact with the Vocation Office. I put everything in God´s hands, and thanks to his generosity, I joined the Fall 2020 program of the Discernment House.

I knew it would be a big challenge because coming to another country meant getting to know a new culture and learning a different language. Since the first day I arrived here, I have put my trust in God, and He has always been close to me to help me.

Now, I am part of Assumption Seminary, and as a new seminarian of the Archdiocese of San Antonio, I want to feel and make this place like my home. This summer, I have had a great experience, and I am very grateful to the Department of Pastoral Ministries for creating this program for us. Archdiocese 101 has helped me feel at home. I am in the Church that I will serve, and these are the people that I will help if God grants me the gift of the priesthood. It was so useful to know the actions from every area and department to continue with God´s plan. The effort that everyone makes is impressive. It motivates me to see the energy and strength that everyone has despite adversities such as the pandemic in recent months. They all work in Pastoral de Conjunto.

Thanks to Archdiocese 101, I have an overview of the work of the archdiocese. I feel part of this great mission, and now I have the responsibility to do my best. I have to continue learning to be a priest who meets the demands that are required. Thanks to each of the departments and everyone who worked to prepare this program for us. God bless you.