​Consecrated life in action

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Consecrated life in action

As Catholic Sisters Week was celebrated in mid-March, dedicated to the presence and commitment of religious life in the archdiocese, a youth movement was begun at the parish of Sacred Heart of Jesus, which aims to provide young people with spaces for dialogue, spending time together, and reflecting for their human and Christian formation to be comprehensive.

It is “My Youth for Christ,” with the motto “Christ lives and he wants me alive.”

This youth movement began March 6 through an encounter with Christ (a retreat) at the facilities of Immaculate Conception Kindergarten, with an attendance of 31 young people.

Various activities were used as opportunities for catechesis during this gathering, overcoming dares and challenges that helped them integrate and achieve a climate of trust in which they could share their testimonies and experiences of faith.

This took place due to the collaboration of Sisters Marichui Bringas (Sister of the Incarnate Word), Daniela Gandara (consecrated lay woman), Ana Cecilia Montalvo (religious sister, Daughter of the Holy Spirit), Edgar (in the process of entering the seminary) and Sister Martha Valerio Valencia (Perpetual Adorer Religious Sister of Our Lady of Guadalupe).

The Coronado, Limón, García, Soto, de León, Bueno, Muñiz and Carrillo families also participated and supported the effort.

The day concluded with Mass and a prayer of healing before the Blessed Sacrament, presided over by Father Frederic Mizengo, CICM, pastor at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish.