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​God loves us and is with us when we call

July 11, 2019 | posted by Catholic News Agency

Topics: Catholic Schools, Hope for the Future

God loves us and is with us when we call

Following is the homily given by Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller, MSpS, at the Baccalaureate Mass for Antonian College Preparatory High School on May 28.

My dear sisters and brothers, you are ready to graduate! Congratulations! If you look around, you will see a building full of people who are very proud of you, and that includes me. You have been here for these years of high school to seek the truth. You have learned the truths of history, language, math, science, and art. The faculty and staff here at Antonian has challenged you to learn more deeply the truths about yourself that you did not know before. Your families and your classmates taught you truths about being a member of our society and how to care for others. And, as a wonderful extra blessing of being here at a school built on faith, you learned truths about God and his love for you and the world.

You will be hearing many speeches these days about going out into the world and making a difference. These are important speeches, because all of us are placing our trust in you. We welcome you into adult life and ask you to put the lessons you have learned at the service of those around you. We are very excited to see what you will bring in this new chapter of your lives. We also know that we are welcoming you into a difficult work.

There is so much fear and anger in the world. I am sure you have felt it. I also know how intimidating it can be. But here at Antonian you have been taught to seek the Lord in his goodness and his strength. The most important truth we have is that God loves us and is with us when we call. When Paul and Silas were imprisoned, as we hear in the Acts of the Apostles, they kept their peace and trusted in the Lord. Because of their trust, they were able to show the truth to the very person who had locked them in their cell. Jesus assures us of the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Without trusting in the Advocate, we will be left with grief in our hearts. It is this central truth of God’s love in our lives and in the life of world that drives us forward, together.

As Pope Francis reminds us: “Love opens us up to others, becoming the foundation of human relationships… This love makes us new men and women, brothers and sisters in the Lord, it makes us the new People of God, the Church, in which everyone is called to love Christ and in Him to love one another” (19 May 2019, Regina Coeli address). The Spirit of love moves in each of you, my friends. That is the central truth of your lives. Whatever God is calling you to be -- a public servant, a healer, a business leader, an educator, a provider, a priest or a religious -- may you be the ones who start from that truth. Love God, and love your neighbors -- especially the ones who are hard to love. That way, you can show the truth you have learned to even more people and heal a little more of that fear and anger. That way, you really will make a difference in our world.

May St. Anthony -- our great patron, Mother Mary -- Our Lady of Guadalupe, and All the Saints intercede for you in these wonderful days. Be people of the truth, my brothers and sisters. We know that you are worthy of our trust, and we are here with you. May you make a difference in this world – for the Lord, who guides us to all truth.