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​Kerrville graduates are stronger, ready to soar

July 10, 2020 | posted by Daniel Curran, valedictorian of Our Lady of the Hills Regional Catholic High School in Kerrville

Topics: Catholic Schools, Hope for the Future

Kerrville graduates are stronger, ready to soar

I think we can all agree that it is a blessing that we are able to gather together during these troubling times to recognize our accomplishments. I know this year has not turned out the way we expected. I know that sports seasons have been cut short and time with friends has been lost. I know this lengthy quarantine has testing our sanity and durability. But I also know that we have grown and become stronger because of it.

It is hard to believe that our last day of classes was right before being released for Spring Break. The week of finals made us all so anxious and excited to rush to our cars and escape to whatever plans we had for our last mid-semester break as high school students.

Although we took early precautions in case we were forced to remain home after the break, nobody truly believed that would be the last time we walked through the two-hallway school supported by a sacred chapel and championship gym. Now, for the first time ever, seniors would be disappointed to hear that we were not returning to school for the remainder of our last year.

We were ready to return to school, where Mrs. Schwartz and Coach Ramirez would welcome us in front of the chapel, asking us about our break and tell us to get a haircut scheduled this week. We were ready for Mrs. Hillsabeck to tell us to tuck in our shirts, Mr. Villa to ask for song requests, Mrs. Marcum to assign us a new writing prompt, Mrs. Bauer to show us her joke of the day, Mr. Schultz to give us mints and updates on sports, and Mrs. Gold to tells us we were late as the first bell for class rings.

We were ready to have our parents bombard us with questions about our day after school and see them at our sporting and academic events, cheering us on. We were ready to have our final dance circle during the Spring Formal. We were not ready, however, to remain at home.

I know that the Class of 2020 wishes we could have been able to experience these daily occurrences together once again, but we cannot dwell on what we have lost when we have so much to look forward to. This amazing group of 22 seniors, 22 friends, is one of intellect, generosity and optimism.

I know I may not have said it at all during the school year because I am not a man of many words, but when I look at our class, I see one of the most well-rounded, talented, successful groups of high school students to walk the halls of OLH. This class will provide the world with excellent teachers, biologists, service members, business owners, engineers, artists, and more importantly, excellent human beings.

We are thankful for these gifts and great potential that God has given each and every one of us.

Although this pandemic has cut short one of the most memorable times in our lives, we have grown stronger because of it; we have been given more clarity. We have become more appreciative of the blessing in our lives: our family, friends, school and God. We have proven that we are adaptable and optimistic when given a harsh and hurtful challenge. Our ability to overcome difficult tasks, whether it has been in the classroom, on the field or at home during a fearful pandemic, will prepare us for achieving a successful future.

So, as my fellow graduates step into their future and enter the halls of higher learning, they should remember their strengths. Remember that no person or situation can tarnish their accomplishments nor prevent them from achieving their goals.

On behalf of the class of 2020, I want to thank Mrs. Schwartz and the OLH faculty for providing us with as much of a senior year as possible. The caring and loving educational environment that they have cocooned us in for four years will only increase in our appreciation with time.

Our parents were wise to send us to OLH. Parents, we thank you for that. To all our moms and dads, you truly are the “wind beneath our wings.” Now is the time for these 22 Hawks to take wing, to fly, to soar.

Go forth and be men and women for others.

Daniel Curran is the valedictorian of Our Lady of the Hills Regional Catholic High School in Kerrville.