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​My summer assignments as an instrument to develop my seminarian formation

November 18, 2020 | posted by Luis Gomez Bustamante

Topics: Vocations

My summer assignments as an instrument to develop my seminarian formation 

In the history of humanity to discern what the purpose of our life is one of the most tremendous questions that we need to resolve. This is a process that needs time in getting know one self and constant prayer. As a Catholic, priesthood and religious life are always in the possibility to consider in my vocation process. I believe that God calls us in different ways and stages of our life. In my own experience I was fifteen years old when I felt that God was calling me. However, at 25 years old when I felt a stronger call of God to transform my life and to consider the priesthood as a possibility for me. This was the most difficult decision that I have undertaken because I have been doing different things in my young adult life. For example, I had an excellent job, excellent background, and a future with a lot of possibilities, but those things were not enough for me. The call of God at to serve was growing stronger in my life. After that, with the support of my spiritual director, I decided to say “yes” to the Lord, and I started to walk with him in this way. Now, at the age 32 years old I am attended my second year of Pre-Theology program in Assumption Seminary and preparing me to serve in the future, God willing, as a priest in the Archdiocese of San Antonio. I am currently finishing my first summer assignment as a seminarian, I am working in the Pastoral Center and for many reasons, it is a great experience for me. I would like to share with you how this experience in the summer is helping me in my vocation process.

Getting to know the San Antonio Missions has been a great experience for me this summer because it helps me to discover the history of the Catholic Church in Texas. This reminds me how important the missionary heart is to the purpose in the Church in our time. Moreover, as an international seminarian, who is preparing to serve the people of God, it is valuable to know about the history of the local Church. Furthermore, I have had the opportunity to visit rural and urban parishes. This was the best way to know in its entirety the archdiocese and how different each parish and communities are. Even so, with its vast differences, they are able to share the same motivation in growing in our faith and spread the message of God.

Finally, I have been working with different directors and employees in the Pastoral Center. I have felt glad to have this experience because each of them is working to support parishes as well as searching new ways to evangelize in a difficult pandemic time. Therefore, I have other motivations to continue learning and finding different possibilities to grow in my knowledge about being Catholic. Also, the time in the Pastoral Center helped me open my mind about different social issues that the Catholic Church and the Archdiocese of San Antonio, to carry the message of the Gospel with those who need to understand better their work in the Church, to know about youth ministries, families, catholic social teaching, and the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. I know these experiences will help me in the future when I study Theology.

This summer assignment in the pastoral center has been a blessing for me. I have had the opportunity to improve my knowledge about the Archdiocese of San Antonio as well as learn different ways to evangelize. In my opinion, these resources will allow in my continuing discernment in the priesthood; this was an important tool that will undoubtedly help me to continue advancing in my seminarian life and growing in a relationship with the archdiocese.