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​‘Overjoyed’ by the enthusiasm of students, faculty, and parents, says archbishop at Mount Mass

December 03, 2019 | posted by Archdiocese of San Antonio

Topics: Catholic Schools, Hope for the Future

‘Overjoyed’ by the enthusiasm of students, faculty, and parents, says archbishop at Mount Mass

Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller, MSpS, celebrated a Mass at Mount Sacred Heart School October 8, an institution which is marking nine decades of educational ministry this year. Concelebrant at the liturgy was Father Raymond Mwangala, OMI.

Last year, speaking about the importance of Catholic schools, Pope Francis said that Catholic education “gives soul to our globalized world and radiates the promise of Christian salvation.”

Elaborating on those comments, the archbishop followed, “Those are some pretty big words and some very important words! He (the pope) said those words because he knows that education is more than just learning to read, to write, to do mathematics, or using a computer. Of course, these are important things! But, education must do more! It must give soul to the world!”

By using the word “soul,” Archbishop Gustavo explained, the Holy Father means spirit, grace, and importance. “Even more, it’s about bringing the message of Jesus and the truth of the gospel to everyone!” he emphasized. “So, dear friends, here at Mount Sacred Heart you are doing something, along with our other Catholic Schools, that is so important. You are learning, but learning for Christ!”

In the Gospel reading at the Mass from Luke listeners heard about Jesus visiting the home of Martha and Mary. When Jesus went to their house Martha was being a good friend to Jesus by making sure he had something to eat and something to drink. Martha got a little upset because her sister, Mary, wasn’t helping with this, but rather, she was sitting at Jesus’ feet listening to him speak. Martha thought Mary should be helping her.

“How often can we get upset with our brothers and sisters when we think they are not doing what they are supposed to do?” the archbishop asked the students. He continued, “It’s kind of natural to react the way Martha did. But notice that Jesus isn’t upset with Mary, and he wants Martha to reconsider the whole situation.”

Archbishop Gustavo pointed out that Mary is sitting at the feet of Jesus. He stressed that this is important to understand because at the time when Jesus lived a good student sat at the feet of the teacher in order to learn. Mary is sitting at Jesus’ feet so she can listen to him and learn from him. “Martha is also doing something important by welcoming Jesus and attending to hospitality,” the archbishop added, saying however, “But Jesus wants Martha to know that learning from him is important, and so he tells her that Mary has chosen something good, and he won’t take that away from her.”

The Missionary of the Holy Spirit highlighted how Catholic schools have the chance to be like Mary in the gospel reading. “We have the chance to hear the voice of Jesus when we pray, when we celebrate the Mass, when we take our religion classes, and as we prepare for the sacraments,” he affirmed. “This is very important, and Jesus wants you to have this opportunity, just like Mary!”

The San Antonio prelate reiterated that through studying together and worshiping God together the youth are bringing “soul” into their education. “In turn, your education will help to bring light to the world!” he asserted.

Before the end of the service the archbishop spoke to the eighth grade class, heard a special address from Sister Cornelia Knezek, SSCJ, and received a T-shirt commemorating the school’s 90th anniversary from Principal Sharon Longoria.