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Rector’s Cup competition changed due to COVID, but contests still conclude with celebration

March 25, 2021 | posted by Today's Catholic

Topics: Vocations

Rector’s Cup competition changed due to COVID, but contests still conclude with celebration

Assumption Seminary holds a Rector’s Cup, a sporting event within the seminary, each year. This year the Rector’s Cup was also paired up with the multi-cultural celebration, an event featuring seminarians’ native food and entertainment. For the Rector’s Cup, the students usually play three sports: soccer, basketball and volleyball. Whichever team wins two out of these three games, receives the Rector’s Cup and has boasting rights. This year the Rector’s Cup was scheduled February 26 and 27 but a few changes were made. Since there were more theologians, two teams with a mix of collegians, pre-theologians and theologians were chosen. Secondly, since Assumption does not have a gym, and because of COVID-19 restrictions, the seminarians decided to substitute ultimate Frisbee and flag football, which could be played outside, in place of basketball and volleyball.

On Friday afternoon, the seminarians had a lively and energetic soccer game at Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) Soccer Field. The OLLU Athletic Department has graciously allowed our seminarians to use the soccer field on Friday afternoons. The seminarians had fun in a friendly competitive spirit.Unfortunately, because of the rainy weather on Saturday, the Ultimate Frisbee and Flag Football games were postponed to another day, so which team receives the Rector’s Cup still has to be decided.

Both Friday and Saturday of the Rector’s Cup began with prayer and Mass as usual. At the end of both days there was a special meal. Friday evening we were surprised and treated with a crawfish boil along with potatoes and corn with a side of fried fish and cole slaw.

On Saturday night participants ended the day with the annual multi-cultural celebration. It is a time when seminarians from different parts of the world cook something from their native land. This year there was tasty and colorful food and special drinks from Mexico, Colombia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Honduras, Africa, and different parts of the United States, including baked turkey. The meal ended with a delicious variety of desserts such as homemade Arkansas chocolate bars, Czech kolaches, Columbian buñuelos and Natilla, New Mexico chocolate Oreo pie, Philippino Cassava Cake, and German Apple Strudel with Blue Bell ice cream. The evening also included entertainment with different seminarians sharing their musical talents by singing native songs, playing the guitar, violin and saxophone. The seminarians had a lot of fun, good food and entertainment while enjoying fellowship with each other and a deepened appreciation of the diversity of cultures that make up and enrich the Assumption community.