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​Seminarian Spotlight

November 03, 2020 | posted by Dalton R. Moy

Topics: Vocations

Seminarian Spotlight

Name: Dalton Moy

Educational year: Second College

Birthdate: December 2, 1999

Birthplace: San Antonio

Family: Aaron Moy father; Lisa (Gravell) Moy, mother; Tristan Moy, younger (three years) brother; Robert Gravell, maternal grandfather; Mary (Batto) Gravell, maternal grandmother; Alfred Moy, Sr. (deceased), paternal grandfather; Lenoir (Eaton-Hruska) Moy, paternal grandmother.

Three people you would most like to meet: Pope Francis, Father Mike Schmitz, and Tracy Byrd

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: God willing, in a decade I will be a pastor in a parish in San Antonio.

Who inspired your vocation: My pastor, Father Scott Janysek was the main influence in my vocation. His priesthood showed me a side of the priesthood that seemed so much more accessible and enjoyable than I had ever seen before.

Last book you read: (Not read exactly, but listened) Audiobook of Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep

Last movie you saw: “1917”

Reaction from others on entering the seminary: I have received a lot of support, especially from my parish community at St. Jerome.

What aspect of seminary life do you most enjoy: I enjoy having time to spend socially with my brother San Antonio seminarians.

What aspect of seminary life do you find most difficult: I now have a lot of eyes on me now, from all over the archdiocese. The support I receive is great, but I am not used to so much attention.

What occupation would you have pursued is not the priesthood: Before entering the seminary, I was studying Business Management at St. Mary’s University. I was planning to work my way up in a good corporation, and maybe even start a business of my own, if the inspiration had come along.

If you had three wishes, what would they be: People could figure out to settle disagreements well, That it was possible for charities to reach EVERY SINGLE person who needs help, and that everyone could have the opportunity to travel the world.

What is your biggest fear: Making a wrong decision, because of a lack of diligence on my part.

If you were stranded in a bell tower, what three things would you want with you: Food, water, pen with paper

What do you love most about the Archdiocese of San Antonio: There is such an abundance of diverse culture. I love to experience different cultures and see the way that others live around the world.

Time period you would like to visit: The 1950s

If you could be a patron saint, what would you be the patron saint of: I believe that is up to the people to decide.

What might you choose as your personal motto: Keep moving forward, and help others do the same.

What did you want to be as a child: A teacher

What did you do as a kid: I have been an altar server since I received my First Communion. I technically retired when I graduated high school, but I never really stopped.

Where in the world would you most like to visit: I would love to travel all over Europe.