​Vigilance urged by Bishop Boulette in upholding the dignity of every person

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Vigilance urged by Bishop Boulette in upholding the dignity of every person


Members of various Board associated with Catholic Charities were hosted at a special Mass at San Fernando Cathedral October 13 which was celebrated by Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller, MSpS, with concelebrants Auxiliary Bishop Michael Boulette and Auxiliary Bishop Gary Janak.

Bishop Boulette, the homilist at the Mass, expressed his gratitude to the Board members of Catholic Charities for their service to the Lord’s people in leadership roles, and for the assistance they provide to the archbishop; J. Antonio Fernández, president/CEO of Catholic Charities; and to the entire Church.

The auxiliary bishop said the challenges presented in the readings at the Mass – from Romans and the Gospel of Luke – assisted listeners to understand where they passion comes from to give thanks to God for their salvation by serving the poor and those on the margins of life in the archdiocese.

In Romans 2:1-11, after giving thanks to God for those who are becoming disciples of Jesus Christ – Christians – Paul addresses the obstacles to faith in Jesus Christ which will lead to the salvation that the Paschal Mystery of Jesus, His life, death, and resurrection, has won for those who believe.

“He first comments on the Pagans, who embrace the folly of a decadent way of life, even calling it worship, upon occasion. Indeed, they have their rituals, but those rituals do not honor God; they do not even respect their own bodies or those of others,” said Bishop Boulette. “He then suggests that the legalism of the Jewish people, and their rites and animals sacrifices are in effect equally ineffective for the embrace of salvation. He lets us know that because of our formation before our baptism, we have no excuse to return to these former ways of religion because we have in that formation encountered the Gracious Mystery of Christ who has won salvation for us by his life and ministry and death.”

Rather, Paul says, salvation is ours to receive, and it is our duty to not judge others, but rather to give thanks in the witness of our words and our actions. Paul asks is, seeing the immensity of God’s kindness toward us, are we humbled sufficiently to repent of ingratitude and self-reliance that makes it difficult to surrender completely to God’s will and God’s way.

Bishop Boulette surmised that he was in many ways “preaching to the choir,” saying, “We are all here not because we think that our generous gifts of time, and talent, and treasure are not the path to salvation, but rather joyful, generous, and grateful responses to a Magnificent God.”

He continued, “When someone is hungry we are asked to feed him. When there is a stranger we are called upon to welcome them. When a couple is pregnant and without resources we are called upon to walk with them. When life is conceived we are asked to protect it and bring it to birth. When the seniors are lonely we are asked to accompany them. And the list goes on and on.”

The bishop concluded by emphasizing that Paul makes a promise on God’s behalf to us. “He says that those who embrace salvation and the duties and responsibilities of gratitude that come with it will find glory, honor and peace, because in thanksgiving, we have done good things.”

Following the liturgy a reception was held on the second floor of the San Fernando Cathedral Café.