About the House

The Discernment House serves the Archdiocese as a place for men to discern the call to priesthood in the Church of San Antonio. It is a space for accompaniment, dedicated to helping men mature in their human and spiritual life, as missionary disciples seeking God’s desire for their service to his people.

The house provides a space for aspirants to the diocesan priesthood to discern more intently and intensively if this is indeed their call. While they continue their work or education, aspirants are accompanied through this process with various means designed to give them what they need to make a truly prayerful decision about God’s calling for their lives:

Common life of prayer

Aspirants gather daily for prayer, including the holy sacrifice of Mass, Liturgy of the Hours, adoration, the Holy Rosary, Lectio Divina, and other devotions. Prayer forms the core of the aspirants’ experience and helps not only their vocational discernment, but also serves as a stronger foundation for their life at work or at school as they live their first call to holiness.

Vocational direction

Each aspirant has the opportunity for regular one-on-one guidance of a vocation director. This closer accompaniment allows for a fuller exploration of the call and the steps that lay ahead of the man in discernment.

Spiritual direction

We are blessed to have spiritual directors dedicated to guiding our aspirants in their discernment and in their spiritual life with the Lord. These directors help the aspirants grow in their capacity to pray, their understanding of the Holy Spirit’s movement in their lives, and in the richness of their spirituality.

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