About the Vocations Office

Our Mission

The universal call to a life of holiness and service is made by God to all the baptized: single, married, ordained, and consecrated. While the Archdiocesan Vocation Office values all vocations, it is commissioned to provide resources and discernment opportunities that promote and cultivate vocations to ordained and consecrated life, especially diocesan vocations. The Vocation Office strives to be sensitive to the cultural milieu of the Archdiocese on every level of its service to individuals, parishes, schools, campuses, and church organizations. Its ministry is strengthened by the collaboration it shares with the Vocation Committee, priests, religious and monastic congregations and lay vocation promoters who serve in the Archdiocese and with pastors and lay leaders who keep contact with potential candidates.

Ways the Vocation Office Carries Out the Mission


Individuals considering a vocation to the priesthood or to the religious life can contact us to receive:

• Guidance in the discernment process

• Information about being a priest in the Archdiocese of San Antonio

• Information about the various men and women religious communities in the Archdiocese

• Assistance in finding a spiritual director


Many parishes throughout the Archdiocese have established vocation committees /promoters who foster awareness and implement vocation activities in their parishes. The Vocation Office can help a promoter get started, provide information and other resource materials for promoting vocations in the local parish, and serve as a contact place to help answer questions.


The Archdiocesan Vocation Committee is composed of men and women vocation directors from the various religious communities in the Archdiocese who collaborate with the Vocation Office in the planning and implementation of various vocation discernment programs throughout the Archdiocese. Vocation Presenters or Panels from the Vocation Office, Seminarians and members from the vocation committee are available to speak to parish groups and Catholic school groups about their experiences as Priest, or as a Religious Priest, Sister or Brother. 

Vocation Office of the Archdiocese of San Antonio

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