Support the Seminarians

We give thanks to almighty God for the beautiful increase in vocations we are seeing here in the Archdiocese of San Antonio, and in many places. The trend will continue to grow as the culture of vocations continues to deepen due to the prayerful efforts of all of you, our brothers and sisters in Christ. We are indeed blessed with greater numbers of seminarians, but this of course comes with increased costs. It costs nearly fifty-thousand dollars a year to house, educate, feed, and care for each of our individual seminarians. It is a ministry we love and cherish, but we do require the kind generosity of the people of God to continue forming new priests for the future of our Church.

Seminarian Formation Endowment Fund

In partnership with the  Catholic Community Foundation – an autonomous pious foundation based here in San Antonio, we have developed the Seminarian Formation Endowment Fund to meet our continuing financial needs in forming our seminarians. Because of the nature of the Endowment, each dollar donated continues to raise further funds in perpetuity, making the endowment the perfect way to ensure future resources for priestly formation.

Please prayerfully and seriously consider making a donation to the Seminarian Formation Endowment Fund, which directly supports the education and formation of the seminarians who will serve and minister in the Archdiocese of San Antonio as our future priests. Donations may also be made in honor or memory of anyone you wish.

Archbishop’s Appeal

Another portion of the support used to help form our seminarians comes from the generous donations received each year during the Archbishop’s Appeal. That generosity of the people of the Archdiocese not only ensures the care of many who need support for their ministries to those in need, but also ensures the continued formation of our young men who will be our new generation of priests for the future. Our thanks go out to everyone who faithfully contributes to the Archbishop’s Appeal, and we encourage all who do not yet support the appeal to get involved in helping the Archbishop and the Archdiocese do good for the people of God – including our seminarians.

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