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Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry at the Archdiocese of San Antonio

Dear young people … the future is in your hearts and in your hands. God is entrusting to you the task, at once difficult and uplifting, of working with him in the building of the civilization of love. (St. John Paul II)

The university years are one of the most memorable and at the same time challenging epochs in a young person’s life. The Archdiocese of San Antonio Campus Ministry is delighted to accompany college students in their journey to encounter Christ and enrich their faith!

Campus Ministry facilitates the formation & development of Catholic college students as disciples of Jesus Christ on college/university campuses.

We are dedicated to helping college students grow in their faith through formation programs. In Campus Ministry, it all begins and ends with Jesus! We emphasize the importance of all Catholic college students having a truly intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Additionally, we promote leadership skills! God has planted seeds of greatness in every student. As a ministry, we do our best to help each student grow and develop unique gifts so they can become leaders in their communities. In this time of New Evangelization, we are called to renew our vows to serve the Lord by reaching out to the marginalized and oppressed in the student community and showing them—through love and support—that God is truly there for them.

“All the faithful on campus, by virtue of their baptism, share in the task of bringing the humanizing light of the Gospel to bear on the life of the academic community. They are called to live out Christian values while engaging in the teaching, learning, research, public service, and campus life that constitute the academic world. They are united with other believers in this work but make their own unique contributions, according to their personal talents and specific circumstances.” (From: USCCB Empowered by the Spirit: Campus Ministry Faces the Future)

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Colleges and Universities

Campus Ministry is involved with the following colleges and universities:


Texas A&M San Antonio

Alamo Colleges

Trinity University

Our newest and most exciting initiative includes the upcoming construction of a new parish church on the grounds of UTSA.

The Catholic Universities in San Antonio serve their student body through their own Campus Ministry Offices. Learn more.

Young Adult Catholic Groups

Beyond Campus Ministry, there are other opportunities throughout the year for young adults to learn more about the Catholic faith, to participate in liturgies and the Sacraments, to practice evangelization and outreach, and to join others in fellowship who are striving to do the same. Learn More.

Contact Your Campus Ministry Coordinator

Campus Ministry Coordinator and Assigned Campuses

Veronica Ybarra
Veronica Ybarra, Director

Phone  830-486-5509

Email  Email Veronica

Sr. Clarice Suchy
Sr. Clarice Suchy, Coordinator

Phone  210-699-9594

Email  Email Sr. Clarice

Campus Served: UTSA

Monica Bohorquez
Monica BohorquezCoordinator

Phone  210-636-8572

Email  Email Monica

Campuses Served: Texas A&M San Antonio and Palo Alto

Diana Lopez

Diana Lopez, Coordinator

Phone  210-667-8740

Email  Email Diana

Campuses Served: UTSA and Northwest Vista

Dalton Mazuca
Dalton Mazuca, Coordinator

Phone  210-687-0959

Email  Email Dalton

Campuses Served: Texas A&M San Antonio and San Antonio College